We need to learn more from them not only about them ”   

-- Jane Goodall


We need to have the confidence to allow our dogs to be dogs, to be curious and explore the world around them by giving them choices.  So lets welcome the fact that they have thoughts, feelings and a right to express themselves, just as we do.

When we understand that, we will understand why ours dogs do what they do.

When we learn to observe and respond to our dogs' communication, we immediately improve our relationship with them and can change our behaviour to build a bond with them based on love, trust and mutual respect

"When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us". 
- Arapaho Indian Proverb.

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My Philosophy

We all want a close and happy relationship with those we love and that includes our dogs. We do not always achieve this without help. “Canine Conversation” is a non-confrontational philosophy that is based on dogs’ natural way of living, rather than going against their natural instincts. (Read more...)

Applied Animal Herbal Choices

IMG_1677Applied Animal Herbal Choices for Pets is a behaviour led method which focuses on Applied Zoopharmacognosy for animal wellbeing and enables me to offer consultations and educate animal owners in this subject. (Read more...)

New Puppy

20100630-008Before getting a puppy equip yourself with all the information you will need to set you and your puppy up for success. These articles here will help you with navigating the exciting new world that a new puppy opens up for you. (Read more...)