In memoriam



also known as Ginger, OlliePops, Ols…
November 2006 – August 2019

It was your decision to leave us now and we respected your choice – what I remember most about you, is your stubborn will to overcome your physical issues. It is your courage and rejection of pain that has kept you with all of us for so long.

You have loved and been loved so very deeply .. your first love was Miranda with whom you lived for some 9 years, however when India was born, she became your centre of attention and you loved spending your time with and near her, ever patient and respectful, as was she, for such a young child who still loves you so much. This photo of the 2 of you travelling up by train to Scotland says it all ….

In May 2016, with Miranda expecting Jasmine and your physical issues becoming difficult to manage for a growing young family, you came to live with us. It took some time for you to settle and there are still today some sounds, for instance, which we have to be careful with when around you, but I believe you were happy with us.

As I have said, you decided that the time had come, as you told us that your physical body was no longer there to support you and it was time to move on .. you are also looking forward to being, once more, with your great friend Tax. Enjoy your next adventure dear Ols we shall miss you xx





Brindlebay Kelly


18/06/1999 – 21/07/2012

Knowing Kelly, I think she would first and foremost like to be remembered as a wonderful working dog, who has many descendants all over Belgium.

I was lucky! When Kelly was 5 years old, she chose me and has been my companion and friend ever since. She is also, amongst others, mum to Taffy, grandma to Haime and now most recently great-granny to Haime’s pups allowing the latest addition to the pack, the remaining puppy, to pester and pester without ever loosing her cool!

Cheeky right up to the end … she liked to have her own way and was sooooo very good at getting it without you ever really realising what had just happened …

We all miss her but know that she is where she now wanted to be and she lives on … in our memories as well as through all her descendants.

Thank you “my” Kelly for having graced me with your trust and friendship.



also known as “Luce”, “The Luce”, “Madam L”

06/01/1999 – 22/03/2012

Luce having been with us just over 2 years now –having spent 11 very happy years with an elderly lady – has decided to continue her journey elsewhere .

From day one – although some 10 kgs overweight and unable to climb any stairs – she fitted straight into the pack. Over a few months she lost the excess weight and was a spritely, happy, go lucky member of our family.

Always keen to know what was happening she would not miss much and would appear on her toes with the ears pricked “what have I missed?”. She loved just being part of something and knew how to make sure you knew she was there (specially at meal times!!!). Licking was her thing – if you let her she would just lick and lick and lick… and she just loved doing it.

A few months ago her hearing started to go and she started to feel less well with her organs slowing down (but never at mealtimes).

She went to sleep in the garden this morning surrounded by all of us and is continuing her journey..

“Bright Eyed and Bat Eared lovely Luce” she will always have a special place in our hearts.



Rasemotte – the whisky swilling foster


Gentle patient Rasemotte has decided to continue her journey elsewhere.

She was found in some woods and has been with us for some 8 months, arriving in pretty poor condition some 10kgs thinner and hardly able to walk.

Her soulful eyes, her gentle touch, her soft tail swish – everything about Ras is gentle. Not once has she minded the boisterous youngsters barging into her or lying on top of her.

We will not forget her little kangaroo hops when food was being presented …

A kind soul – you brought peace – thank you



Mistra has gone to doggy paradise

Mistra was a black labrador – working line.

She arrived just before the Easter w/e, at about 8 years old – she was underweight and was to be thrown onto the street, which is why she was rescued.

She loved people including children and babies – but did not like other dogs.

A wonderful family adopted her a few years ago and and had some happy years – until kidney failure meant she became uncomfortable and was put to sleep a few weeks ago.




I first met Wapsoha in November 2007. She was about 3 years old and was known by the name Fripouille. A dark grey Poodle/Bichon cross, she lived with a single- mother, her 13 year old son and a cat. They had inherited her, as she had been about to be thrown out on the street. With long working hours and the commute it was obvious that there was not enough time to devote to this little 4-legged ball of mischief.
So in April 2008 Wapshoha came to live with us as a foster until August when Sue, who called Wapsoha “her little bundle of joy” adopted her. Unfortunately Sue’s life changed and she was no longer able to look after Wapsoha (but continued to love her from a distance and stayed in touch throughout the rest of her life), so Wapsoha came back to live with us.
Luckily for her, Helga then came into Little Wapsoha’s life in early 2010. She lived with Helga in Belgium and latterly in Germany with other dogs and cats. She “ruled” the household and totally captured Helga’s heart who called her Wapsoha-love.
Wapsoha may have been a little dog but, what she did not have in weight she made up in personality, with a strong independent spirit. She was fun loving, curious, always ready to play and investigate and sometimes prepared to share in her affections too, she was never afraid to “say” what she felt.

It is with great sadness that Helga let us know that Wapsoha-love’s heart decided to go to sleep forever at 6:30pm yesterday evening.
Bye Bye lovely Wapsoha – sweet dreams.