Our philosophy

“Life is no obedience exercise it’s a way of living together.”
Turid Rugaas

“Canine Conversation” is a non-confrontational philosophy that is based on dogs natural way of living, rather than going against their natural instincts, we “use” them to help us … What we teach is “a way of life for life”.

By understanding that almost all problems arise from a misunderstanding we are able to change and improve our relationship by:

Rather than just treating the symptom we look at the global picture and working together with you and your dog. We show you how we can :

  • understand and communicate with our dogs using their own language.
  • show our dogs that we are a good “parent”, worthy of trust and able to look after them at all times.
  • develop our observational skills therefore becoming more familiar and aware of our dogs and how to respond to them
  • offer our dogs a well balanced life (exercise/mental stimulation/sleep).

This enables us to become less verbal and more relaxed thereby reducing the stress levels in our dogs allowing them to become a happy and relaxed dogs. Should you wish to know more please contact us.