Working together

Consultations and classes

For all our classes, we only use harnesses and long leads which we are happy to lend you for the fist session(s).
Acquiring the “Calming Signals” book by Turid Rugaas is a must.


One to One consultations

An issue with your dog? Whether you have just adopted a rescue, got a new dog or are having trouble with your existing dog, a behaviour consultation can help.

We deal with such things as hyperactivity, barking, aggression, separation anxiety, anxiety etc….

We give you a clear plan to work with as well as email and telephone backup for as long as you need it.

For those without any issues we have some fun nosework classes. (johan please link to nosework)

These 1 to 1 consultations take place in your own home, in our vet’s garden or in an empty carpark. Please email us your contact details dog’s name, age , breed and a brief detail of the issues you have.

Puppy classes

Start as you wish to continue and then carry on with young dog or adolescent classes.

All too often, in “traditional classes” the pup is overwhelmed by the length of the class and/or of the “play sessions”, the size of the group and/or of the puppies, the tasks expected of him/her, the constant stimuli, not being given any break/rest periods and /or being asked or worse, forced, to do things he does not understand.

By coming to us, you will learn a new way of understanding your puppy’s needs and find out what he/she is trying to tell you. The puppy classes we organise are fun; the puppies will learn to be social and how to interact with the 2 and 4 leggeds of this world. We do treat searches to help them learn to concentrate, we help the puppies learn how to handle the environment and the odd “obstacle”; we show you how to teach your puppy to come, as well as “follow me”, how to walk on the lead, how best to handle your pup as well as a few other things… and we also like to teach you and him/her what we call “quiet time”. And most importantly we teach YOU how to observe your puppy and learn to respond accordingly.

This will allow you to forge a bond and develop a happy PARTNERSHIP based on LOVE, TRUST and MUTUAL respect.

All welcome – Come and join us in the garden to help us, some of my dogs may be present, max 4 puppies per class but usually less. The classes are “tailor-made” and by appointment, they consist of 1 theory class (about 1 1/2 hours preferably before the puppy is home) followed by 6 “practical” classes (less than 1 hour). After the puppy classes you can join us in some “young dog” classes or “adolescent” ones.As puppies grow fast we will lend you the initial harness and long lead.

To register or ask for more information please email us your contact details puppy’s name, age and breed and we will revert with proposed dates for time and dates for the classes.

“Group classes” – Parallel walking (PW)

Every dog who reacts by lunging, barking, etc, be he frightened or “aggressive” towards another dog, person, has a “safe distance”. This means that at this distance, however close or far it is, the dog will not be reactive. 

In PW sessions we use that safe distance and let the dog walk in parallel to what he is reactive to. Walking in parallel is the least threatening, least confronting type of walking we can do with our dogs.

We do these sessions in empty parking lots etc on Sunday mornings (and sometimes on bank holidays or evenings in summer) where there is minimal disturbance and distractions. 

In these classes we also teach loose lead walking and how to improve your dog’s recall.  

What you/your dog need:
Harness (non-correcting) – To know more about why we recommend a harness (Johan please link to the harness page )
Long lead (min 3 m) (Johan please link to the harness page )

Your dog will need to rest in between session (there are 2 sessions per dog), make sure he is comfortable on his own in the car. 
Observers are welcome at all times free of charge.
A 1 to 1 session takes place before joining the group.

To know more or to book a session just fill in the form (johan pls link to contact form) and we will revert by return.

“Scent, Nose-work and Tracking/man-trailing”

Dogs use their noses all the time and are good at it. Although we may never fully comprehend the full extent or reach of their amazing sense of smell, this little video by Dr Alexandra Horowitz does help us – it is short and an easy to follow.

Scent-work is a nice calming activity
20 minutes of scent-work tires our dogs in a healthy way.
sniffing causes our dogs’ pulse rate to drop
sniffing provides great mental stimulation for dogs
playing nose games with our dogs is a brilliant way to interact with them,

All nose-work will benefit our dogs as it will boost their self confidence, improve the relationship between dog and human whilst building trust and mutual respect.

We offer all types of scent work classes as well as tracking/man trailing sessions on a regular basis.

To know more or to book a session just fill in the form and we will revert by return.

“Social walks”

Dogs are social creatures, so if you want to add to your dog’s life by providing them with the opportunity to have some dog friends, social walks can really help. The walks involve a variety of activities such as recall, loose lead walking, and some calm and polite interactions with other dogs including some off lead time (no manic off-lead play ). As with all our classes, we will observe our dogs to better understand how they use their body language to communicate with each other, the environment and us.

Groups are kept small. All ages and breeds are welcome, as long as we have met (1 to1 session or class).

To know more or to book a session just fill in the form and we will revert by return.

We enjoy teaching in this way as each and every time we see the relationship between human and dog evolve and grow into a two-way respectful and harmonious communication, with both dog and human gaining so much.